Reiki Healing Yourself
Two-Tape Album or CD
by Reiki Master Marsha Burack
Original Soundtrack by Kristopher Stone

The Reiki Healing Yourself Album is the first set of experiential hands-on healing tapes on the market. The two-tape album or CD educates the reader about the ancient art of Reiki and basic principles of healing, while words and music deeply soothe the body and the mind. Reiki Healing Yourself is a potent stress reducer!

"Words and music are beautifully blended in the treatment tape. It is lovely, educational, relaxing and healing. After listening and participating, I felt refreshed and positive, and I recommend this tape to anyone who desires a centering and self-healing experience." Mark Solomon, Ph.d, Publisher of Good Life Times. The Treatment and Music Only album and the Art Book work well alone or together as a set. The text of the tape, is illustrated in the book, and set to deeply relaxing music in the Treatment Tape. The Music Only Tape allows the listener to then treat at his own rate. The large illustrations in the book radiate a healing presence. Customers will recognize the products as a set by the beatuiful Bird of Paradise Design, in color on the covers.

These tapes or CD are a compliment to the
Reiki - Healing Yourself & Others Book

The first 100 people that order over $40 of merchandise will receive an autographed print from Marsha Burack.

All Pictures and Artwork are Copyrighted 1995 by Marsha Burack
and may not be used without her permission.