Artistic, Reiki Rubber Stamps
Created by Marsha Burack

For those of you who love stamping, you know the immediate and creative joy with decorating letters, notes, boxes and other daily items with stamps. For those of you who don't know, you could be in for a treat.

Reiki is about living the love and freedom as a child while being an adult. Stamps are fun, and, in addition, they let people know about Reiki!

I made these stamps originally for myself. The Reiki Calligraphy stamp in purple, greens, and reds looked elegant on letters, envelopes, boxes, etc. They beautifully advertised my love and belief in Reiki. I developed a few more, and I really loved using them. Friends ased me for them, and so the idea of a Reiki Stamp Series was born.

These stamps can be used with ordinary stamp pads, colored with markers, or embellished. I've included instructions on how to use and care for these stamps. I hope you enjoy. Let people know about Reiki in a fun way!

The first 100 people that order over $40 of merchandise will receive an autographed print from Marsha Burack.

All Pictures and Artwork are Copyrighted 1995 by Marsha Burack
and may not be used without her permission.