What Is Seichim?

Seichim (pronounced Say keem or Say sheem) is believed to be an ancient healing system from Egypt going back as far as Atlantis. The hieroglyph Sekhem translates "power of powers" and two upraised hands designate the symbol. Patrick Zeigler and Tom Seaman channeled Marat, a 2,500-year-old Sekhem teacher from India who altered and softened the Reiki symbols and gave two new symbols and the ability to initiate students. Kathleen McMasters and Tom Seaman later channeled in additional symbols. It was the intention of the discoverers of this system of living light that people realize that they can access various healing energies through meditating on sacred sounds and symbols. They also encouraged people to create their own symbols and said that many new sound and symbol systems would be appearing at this time.

The applications of Seichim in treatments and absentee healing are identical to Reiki, although each system has its own unique energetic produced by its own attunement process and a different, through related, set of sounds and symbols. I feel Seichim is best taught after Reiki. Reiki expresses itself as a grounded healing energy for this planet. The sounds and symbols of Seichim expresses itself as ecstatic, galactic heart energy, whose particular function helps one to overcome obstacles and fears. Where life is, fear disappears.

Below is an excerpt from
A Guidebook for Healing With Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and SKHM by Diane Shewmaker. This excerpt was written by Shashala regarding her impressions of Seichim, who will be co-teaching the Seichim Master classes with me:

"I will never forget the first day of class (in Patrick Zeigler's year-long teacher's course). I was very intimidated by everyone else. I felt as if I was a novice attempting to travel intellectually and spiritually further than I could ever hope to move. I listened quietly to everyone as I tried to not hang up the phone and walk away from something I was strongly drawn towards. Patrick began the visualization, and within moments, I embarked on an adventure with SKHM. I instantly felt the vitality of it, chose to take its hand in mine, and LET the SKHM energy show me the way.

Since that first class, I have come to realize the meaning of SKHM for myself. I've been told that SKHM means, "Power of Power," which translated in my personal dictionary means, 'Inner Truth.' Through the course of this past year, SKHM took me on a journey in search for my Inner Truth. It quickly identified those areas that lacked love and were shrouded within confusion. It helped me dismember those areas where I lied to myself, due to deep fears born many years ago. It let everything fall apart, so I could see what was there all along. I saw many different parts of the whole and slowly I began the process of rebuilding myself, discovering my true 'Essence,' and honoring that through being truthful with myself. Doing this has not been easy, and it has not always been joyful. This brought great change into my life, which means I let go of many, many things. However, the end result is simply beautiful. I am excited about what will come into my life."

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A Guidebook for Healing With Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and SKHM by Diane Ruth Shewmaker.

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