Reviews of Reiki Healing Yourself & Others

"This enchanting, lovely book is about the healing potential that lies in everyone. It demystifies healing and shows that it is a gift we all possess. The power of love and compassion shines through on these pages. Not only in this book about healing, it is a healing." --Larry Dossey M.D., Author of Healing Words, Meaning & Medicine, Recovering the Soul and Space, and Time & Medicine

"With the peaceful rendering of a gentle brush; with the soft rhythms of poetic visualizations, Marsha Burack, in her book, Reiki - Healing yourself & Others, leads us step by step through the flowing world of Reiki. The all-knowing universal life energy of spiritual consciousness breathes vital, radiant life into us, healing us all. This book is truly a treat!" -- Barbara Brennan, Author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging.

The love and dedication that shine through this exquisite volume on Reiki are evident on every page, in every word and photo, and in each of the original paintings. It is possible to experience Reiki healings just by reading the book! The author, herself is a living embodiment of the Reiki beauty of spirit, has indeed gifted humanity with a vital link toward its ultimate harmony and fulfillment. -- Katheryn Chardin, Watersun and Spiritual Scientist

"This unusual book demonstrates the energetic connection between subtle Universal Life Energy as it is expressed through Chinese art, particularly through Chinese painting and the same energy as a potent healing force. I know of no other work that shows this profound truth so clearly or in such a beautiful way. In addition, Marsha's own healing Presence radiates through the gentle words of instruction making reading the book itself a potential healing experience." --Gayl Welch, PhD, Educator

"I have been very pleased to examine an advance copy of Reiki - Healing Yourself & Others by Marsha Burack. This is my first exposure to Reiki. This book is so well written and organized, that a novice, such as myself, has no problem in understanding the content. I particularly enjoyed the diagrams and the explanations. I like the gentle approach that the book advocates, and the drawings by Marsha are a real delight. I look forward to seeing and using the final version of the book. --Siva Wick, Computer Engineer

"I have often looked at self-help or healing books in stores and always put them down knowing that I could not understand them. Much to my surprise and delight, from the very first, I understood everything in this book. The concepts and their applications were very clear." --Ruth Bolotin, Shop Manager

"I brought your tapes and book to Sweden with me and they are so comforting to have in a lad so far away. Thank you for something that helps me no matter where I am. Happy Holidays." --Wendy Wolfson, Foreign Exchange Student For the Spiritual Adept, the Reiki Practitioner, or the newest beginner, there is nothing "extra" and nothing "lost". This book easily satisfies each level of understanding: Barbara Gordon, a Reiki Master, showed her adept teacher of shamanism Reiki - Healing Yourself & Others. He had never been drawn to Reiki. Nevertheless, he sat down, read the book in one sitting, and much to Barbara's delight said, "This is very clear, and I'd like to experience a treatment." Shirly, a restaurant owner in Sedona, Arizona is a new Reiki practitioner. She had learned Reiki to help her recover from surgery. She called raving about the book. "Your book helped me fully understand Reiki, and it's gorgeous! Thank you, it is so needed at this time."

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