The Essence of Healing with Reiki

Excerpts from Marsha Burack's book Reiki: Healing Yourself & Others

What is reiki? It is intangible, invisible, formless, not of the senses, a subtle field of energy, the essence of life, universal life energy.

We experience reiki by: remaining in the moment, letting go of thoughts, connecting to our breath, acknowledging any and all feelings, allowing ourselves to just be.

Reiki manifests in us as: health, joy, spontaneity, vitality, radiance, contentment, direct action, knowing life.

Reiki is a meditative art. The treatment pattern is simple, yet sophisticated, for it provides a framework for the practitioner to shift into an active state of being. This state might also be described as an alpha or theta level of consciousness. Anyone can do this practice. In fact, one's meditative abilities are enhanced by the natural energetic connection that occurs between two people during treatments. In Reiki healing, you do nothing and achieve everything. Reiki, like many natural healing methods, is a powerful adjunct and sometimes a viable alternative to the chemical/surgical methods developed by the modern, rational mind. Each way has its own right place and time.

Healing can be a mysterious process. Each person moves in his or her own rhythm. We want to take care to be open, to allow space for all our successes and failures and also for the successes and failures of others. At times it may appear as if discomfort and pain are continuing in spite of all one's efforts. In these cases, perhaps some underlying healing process is going on or some deep learning is taking place, temporarily adding tension to the situation. Sometimes it may appear that all discomfort or pain is gone, completely dissolved. At other times it may feel as though we are moving ahead inch by inch, or in a long, slow series of plateaus.

All this, Life itself, is something we freely participate in the gathering, storing, amplifying, releasing, and dispersing of life force our very nature. Through our own great joy and awareness, effort and discipline, we open to the moment. And in that moment, there is only love, power and healing.

reiki and Reiki

The word reiki is a Japanese word for universal life energy. This universal life energy we all possess in full measure. It is the essence of us and of everything around us. It flows through our body and out our hands and feet, always, as long as we live. This reiki is the healing, life-giving energy that sustains and nourishes all living things. In some cultures it is referred to as chi or prana. We all have this universal life energy reiki flowing through and from us, and anyone with a true intention and desire can do healing work right now. There are many wonderful healers working with different modalities, or without any system, who know how to tap into universal source. One does not need Reiki initiations to be a healer.

Now, Reiki (which I will designate with a capital "R" for the Reiki method) is an ancient art designed to increase your healing potential through specific teachings and attunements/initiations. The Reiki Master teaches you about, and attunes you to, a particular language of sounds and symbols a vibration and language that engage your higher mind. Through the use of sounds and symbols, hands and breath, a Reiki Master attunes you more directly to that universal mind. Your touch becomes more potent, and you become more deeply integrated in mind and body. The rainbow bridge to cosmic consciousness widens. Some of your cloudiness is removed.

The Reiki Master is believed to initiate the novice into a green healing ray of Tibet. Tibet was the home of rituals that breathed spirit into "ordinary" life. Through sacred ceremonies the lay person was introduced to different spiritual qualities of compassion, detachment, contentment, or peace and given sounds and symbols or prayers that embodied those qualities. The Reiki Master, through similar methods (although different sounds and symbols), initiates the novice into the sacred frequency of planetary healing energy and gives a method of practice).

In a First Level class, one is initiated and taught the Reiki hand positions. The student then gives treatments without conscious knowledge of the sounds and symbols. In advanced classes, the student learns the sounds and symbols and how to do absentee healing for others, as well as healing within the framework of one's own life past and future.

Reiki sounds and symbols are an original ancient language that links our body/mind with our deeper life, our very soul. The First Level Initiation tends to open up visionary qualities, helping you know your soul's true though and purpose. The Second Level Initiation tends to open the heart, helping you feel more love and warmth, joy and contentment, and more ability to give to yourself and others. The Third Level Initiation tends to open the ability to manifest spiritual vision and live love in a practical, active way in the world. It is the energy of power and action.

The Three Levels of Reiki can be viewed as Light, Love and Power. Apart from attunements and understanding the healing process, there is no elaborate training in Reiki as there can be in other healing methods. We are healing, as well as being healed, by living universal energy Light, Love and Power AUM, the trinity Om.

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