Welcome to to the Reiki Healing Institute webage. My name is Marsha Burack, and I'm the creator and founder of the Institute. When I produced the Reiki Healing Yourself audio tape in 1990, The Reiki Healing Institute came into existence. The function of the Reiki Healing Institute is to teach Reiki and Seichim, and to distribute healing products.
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I began showing an interest in spiritual development at the age of thirteen when I began studying philosophies and religions of all kinds. When I was twenty, I began Zen Meditation, which I continue to practice in my daily life. I graduated with honors from the University of California at Berkeley in art and anthropology -- with a special interest in healing and healers. After graduations, I lived in England for seven years, concentrating on my family, art and English culture.

Returning to the United Staates, I immersed myself in studying and teaching yoga, and I also immersed myself in my artwork. I then suffered an injury, which led me to pursue an interest in various healing techniques. The rewarding results that began on a personal level grew into a desire to help and work with others. Since 1978, I've worked as a body worker/healer. I've continually added to my training and credentials, which include certification in Jin Shin Juytsue, Bach Flowers, Touch for Health, Rebirthing, and Reiki, and Seichim. For ten years, I've practiced Integral Consciousness Training, which enables one to shift one's usual mental and emotional state of mind to a more refined level of consciousness. This training provided a good background for becoming a Reiki teacher. After I became a Traditional Reiki Master in 1987, I began teaching Reiki and developing unique, powerful teaching tools. I bring to my teaching a flexible, practical approach that furthers each individual's progress with clarity and sensitivity.

Oustide of my healing profession, my work as an artist is a major pursuit. Chinese brush painting, watercolors, and oils are my specialties. The painings in my book are examples of my work. In addition, throughout this webpage, there are examples of my work, all of which are copyrighted. Since 1995, I've been marketing and teaching. The universe has given me many personal challenges, both with family transitions and big, personal changes. It's very freeing to begin to know the truth of the impermanence of life. I feel ready to continue my work with more compassion and gentlennes. I'm ready to share my hands-on- healing knowlege with other souls looking for self-development, self-knowledge, self-improvement and wishing to teach or work upon themselves and others. If you're interested in taking a class please follow this link.

All Pictures and Artwork are Copyrighted
1995 by Marsha Burack
and may not be used without her permission.

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