Reiki-Healing Yourself & Others, A Photo-Instructional Art Book

by Reiki Master Marsha Burack

Through healing images and words, this fine art book's original text and paintings is a spectacular introduction to the art of hands-on-healing. Designed as a fine art book, Reiki Healing Yourself & Others presents 30 museum-quality color, and black and white paintings plus 155 clear and beautiful photo-instructions on all the major Reiki hand positions. The images vibrate!

Layflat durable binding and spacious layout on clay-coated fine art paper makes Reiki Healing Yourself & Others a pleasure to read, understand, and use.

There are new and insightful contributions on the root origion of Reiki as well as the relationship between Chinese painting and Reiki. The text includes information on chakras, the glands, Reiki's history, how to practice on yourself and others, a study list, and more. This is a perfect book to sell at your Reiki classes and for all Reiki practitioners.

"This enchanting, lovely book is about the healing potential that lies in everyone. It demystifies healing and shows that it is a gift we all possess. The power of love and compassion shines through on these pages. Not only in this book about healing, it is a healing." By Larry Dossey M.D.

This book is a compliment to the Reiki Healing Yourself audiocassettes and CD.

All Pictures and Artwork are Copyrighted 1995 by Marsha Burack
and may not be used without her permission.

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